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Seeking guidance on how to effectively navigate the Net Zero transition? Inquire now to arrange a free​,​ non-committal discovery session. Experience & Capability - Economically viable​,​ company Net Zero roadmap development - ‘Climate Shadow Board’ - Periodically integrating climate intelligence to inform and future-proof the business-critical the decision making of executives - Downstream scenario analyses​,​ determining decarbonisation pressure & requirements from your customers - Communication Impact Effectively ​/​ Greenwash & bulls*hit identification - thorough due diligence of marketing & communications to effectively communicate positive actions and avoid public scrutiny - Upstream risk analyses​,​ assess & identifying upstream risks to your decarbonisation Industry leading knowledge across the voluntary carbon market (carbon credits ​/​ offsets) - Conducting thorough due diligence on negative emission technologies & defining their techno-economic feasibility - Renewable energy project & energy efficiency performance simulations & financing opportunities (wind ​/​ solar ​/​ solar thermal - Compliance requirements & health-checks (ESOS ​/​ TCFD ​/​ PPN ​/​ TM44 etc.) - Thought leadership on Net Zero agenda & developing macro-economic systems to encourage widespread decarbonisation - Energy & resource efficiency site surveys (virtual & in-person) - Carbon accounting - corporate scope 1​/​2​/​3​,​ product lifecycle assessments (LCA​,​) project carbon assessments - Carbon literacy training - Writing and​/​or integrating with new ​/​ existing GHG methodologies for technology developers to enter & valorise carbon markets And any other decarbonisation challenge you face. If it's new to me & I am not entirely confident in achieving my deliverable standards​,​ I will provide a deliverable grounded in holistic carbon understandings that is flagged with any uncertainties. The reason being that I can identify​,​ learn from & develop an understanding of a new & impactful deliverable. Head of Carbon - Carbon Capture​,​ Utilisation & Storage Technology Developer Founder & CEO - Disruptive Turbine Technology Net Zero Consultant - Energy​,​ Carbon & Sustainability Consultancy Founder & CEO - Future Sustainability & Energy Leaders - Net Zero Academy (Career Transitions) COP26 Speaker - Representing the UK Department for Education's GenZero Showcase Associate Member of leading Think Tank Bio - Earth - for all we know - is home to the only life in the universe... my life’s work will be committed to defending this universal status. I am an intrinsically motivated climate professional whose entire career has​,​ & will continue to be​,​ devoted toward delivering carbon reduction… whether this be quick-fix​,​ high-impact solutions - such as assessing & redirecting the project financing of your pension​,​ insurance​,​ and banking providers - to implementing radical shifts in a business models & operations to align & benefit from aligning with climate science​,​ I am an individual who will do everything in my power to facilitate. The competitive foundations of global economic systems are shifting - revealing both vast opportunities and deadly pitfalls. - Those actioning & realising these opportunities are likely to thrive in the future economic system that is unrecognisable to todays - Failing to act creates voluntary exposure to companies of the venomous effects of economic natural selection processes​,​ where the incumbent are filtered out "Whoever is first in the field and awaits the coming enemy​,​ will arrive fresh for the fight. Whoever is second in the field​,​ and must hasten to battle​,​ will arrive exhausted." - Sun Tzu​,​ The Art of War My Impact in Numbers - The below are the cumulative outputs of my work to date: - £1​,​988​,​000 in savings delivered to date - 6​,​881 MWh of energy savings - 18​,​348 tonnes of CO2 avoided And are continuing to increase as you read this - resource efficiency is great! I track these​,​ because these metrics matter to me. ------------------------------------------------------------ I look forward to delivering financial & environment impact with you and contributing to a future that our future generations will be grateful and proud to inherit from us.

Certifications & Expertise

  • Business Energy Professional (BEP)
  • Carbon Auditing Professional (CAP)
  • Climate Resilience and Adaptation
  • Energy Efficiency Practitioner (EEP)
  • Energy Modeling
  • Graduate Level Environmental Studies
  • Life Cycle Assessment Certified Professional (LCACP)
  • Renewables (solar, wind, hydro, biofuels…)
  • Speaking Engagement(s) or Training Session(s)
  • Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Reporting (SASB)
  • Sustainability Excellence Analyst/Professional (SEA/SEP)
  • TCFD Practices


  • Business
  • Education
  • Nonprofit


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