Sustainability Strategist

Sustainability Strategist

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Hi! I am currently on a rather passionate mission to find opportunities to work at a Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company or at a sustainability consulting firm working with CPG clients to help them with the following: - Identify opportunities to embed sustainability practices across the value chain - Develop roadmaps to carbon neutrality​,​ and - Drive new consumer behaviors through education and engagement. End goal: To build value​,​ create resiliency​,​ and reduce risks for businesses. How exactly would I be able to help? 1. Stakeholder Engagement - cross-functionally​,​ client-facing​,​ and back-end. 2. Project Management - end-to-end project development and delivery. 3. Change Management - effective communications​,​ emotional intelligence​,​ accommodating to changing circumstances. 4. Data-driven decision-making - leveraging​,​ analyzing​,​ and interpreting data to make informed strategic decisions to drive impactful changes. I have 3 Superpowers as well! 1. I can simplify intricate sustainability and climate concepts​,​ empowering individuals to become effective agents of change through accessible comprehension. 2. I can craft knowledge hubs rich in resources and tools​,​ tailored to propel sustainability and climate initiatives forward. 3. I can untangle the complexities of sustainability and climate issues​,​ guiding towards a clearer understanding and actionable solutions.

Certifications & Expertise

  • ESG
  • Graduate Level Environmental Studies


  • Business
  • Nonprofit


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