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Amy W

Environmental and Sustainability Professional

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I am an experienced director​,​ business owner​,​ and sustainability professional in consulting​,​ climate communications​,​ ESG report development​,​ Web3​,​ and carbon offsetting initiatives. I've worked with C-suite​,​ senior leaders​,​ and various business owners in the environmental and sustainability fields​,​ blockchain-for-good​,​ and more​,​ establishing solid connections with changemakers and entrepreneurs. 🌱Renewable energy​,​ Web3 mining​,​ carbon offsetting 🌱Carbon data research​,​ analysis​,​ and reporting 🌱Mining​,​ land reclamation​,​ and community initiatives 🌱Environmental impact analysis 🌱Wellness center and eco-community development 🌱Health & Wellness industries 🌱Land acquisition​,​ low-income housing​,​ sustainable development plans PROJECTS : GLOBAL CERTIFICATION DEVELOPMENT Sustainable Certification Development Mining. As the primary architect of this project​,​ I designed parameters for ethical and sustainable mining practices for in-use and reclaimed mines. The scheme ensures that honest product chain of custody​,​ sustainability​,​ and human rights conditions are in effect​,​ standardized​,​ and under annual revision. SUSTAINABILITY DIRECTOR Created guidelines for ethical and sustainable mining. Enforced proper procedures for active and reclaimed mines. Established ethical and sustainable product chain of custody. Protected human rights. Checked regularly and updated yearly. Educated locals on sustainable practices. Managed a tree nursery build project in Tanzania​,​ overseeing soil study​,​ ESIA​,​ and communication with TIC​,​ landowners​,​ and the local community. Led on-site build and ensured successful completion. Implemented carbon product tokenization and managed a tree planting project covering 10​,​000 acres in Tanzania. Managed marketplace operations to optimize sales and increase carbon offset impact. Researched mining and land reclamation carbon impact and used findings to create persuasive content for investors​,​ websites​,​ social media​,​ and internal docs. Authored scientific reports on mining practices in gold​,​ jade​,​ and granite mines across British Columbia​,​ Yukon​,​ Alberta​,​ South Africa​,​ and Tanzania. Presented research findings to key stakeholders​,​ fostering dialogue and driving positive change in the industry. SUSTAINABILITY DIRECTOR Blockchain-for-good. Sustainability Reporting​,​ LCA​,​ and Carbon Analysis and Accounting. Measured carbon impact for blockchain agency (re: Mining and land reclamation); researched and established copy for an investor pitch​,​ website​,​ socials​,​ and internal documents. Authored scientific reports for gold​,​ jade​,​ and granite mines throughout Canada​,​ Tanzania​,​ Ghana​,​ and South Africa Shipping and warehousing. ESG Reporting​,​ Footprinting​,​ and Carbon Accounting & Analysis. Measured carbon impact for shipping agency​,​ established copy for series funding and investor pitch​,​ website​,​ socials​,​ and internal documents. Coffee Roaster​,​ Café. ESG Reporting Footprinting and Carbon Analysis. Built a comprehensive sustainability roadmap​,​ established a baseline​,​ set goals and targets​,​ defined benchmarks​,​ Evaluated emissions​,​ and developed long-term strategies. Canine Sustainable eCommerce - Foundational Lead. Foundational build from website design to launch​,​ including business and marketing plan​,​ branding design​,​ SWAG development​,​ vendor mining and acquisition​,​ and hiring of C-Suite. GRANT WRITING AND MANAGEMENT Global environmental education for teens. Expanded programs to include college students​,​ reaching additional platforms for expansion and education about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Conducted outreach development w restoration advocates and scientists Coral restoration in Fiji. Analyzed reef art​/​nurseries manufacturing and recommended rerouting manufacturing and sourcing from LA to Auckland​,​ saving $1400 per sculpture (x 10 for the first installation alone). Outreach and development with investors in Switzerland and SE Asia Surf and shoreline advocacy. Outreach and development with leading professionals in Oregon wind and solar energy Vegan charter school. Founding Board Member who built notable relationships with formidable philanthropists​,​ conservationists​,​ and sustainability leaders in the global community​,​ secured partnerships with alternative milk businesses Hospice and children's grief care. Wrote 4.5 million in grants for state and foundational support​,​ awarded three million+ WRITING AND EDITING Ghost-writer for sustainable swag CEO thought leader​,​ published Business Insider Ghost-writer for sustainable architecture CEO thought leader​,​ published Green Building Advisor Authored ~400 library articles on sustainability and legacy planning​,​ grief & family support Proofreader for education​,​ poverty mitigation & food insecurity materials Published in Abundant Health Alliance & Bellevue Lifestyle Magazines Coauthored and edited novellas​,​ movie scripts & TV pilots

Certifications & Expertise

  • Carbon Auditing Professional (CAP)
  • Climate Resilience and Adaptation
  • ESG
  • GRI Reporting
  • Graduate Level Environmental Studies
  • Remote Only
  • Sustainable/Regenerative Agriculture


  • Business


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