"Lifting the Fog" - A Radical Paradigm Shift is Required!
Bernie S
Bernie S

"Lifting the Fog" - A Radical Paradigm Shift is Required!

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My Services are unique and radical in the sense of being at a root level​,​ not violent​,​ but enormously challenging for us to create a new paradigm for survival. Becoming less unsustainable won't cut it anymore; it's far too late for a gradual energy descent plan. A soft landing is no longer possible. When discussing SUSTAINABILITY​,​ always ask yourself the key question. What​,​ fundamentally​,​ do you want to sustain? o Your Particular Entity o The Global Economy o Our Industrial Civilization o Our Human Species o Our Planet's Biosphere (choose only one of the above) My ADVOCACY is for truly local and simple living. It involves bio-regional self-sufficiency​,​ local self-governance​,​ and living with a low-energy footprint. I contend it is the only way we can save ourselves from extinction. My ADVICE concerns where and how we live while climate change​,​ natural disasters​,​ loss of biodiversity​,​ and failed national and international politics are incapable of stemming the tide of biospheric degrading and destruction. My EDUCATIONAL "Speaker Service" focuses on energy and natural resource limits and climate change as a symptom. Climate chaos is not a problem that can be solved by simply swapping our fossil fuels for renewables. Nor is limiting the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere sufficient. We can dig deeper. Complexity everywhere is a large part of the problem. All complexity requires Energy. All known complex societies have collapsed. No industrial-scale electricity is clean! Renewables are NOT when considering their entire life cycle. Technology can mitigate the symptoms​,​ but it can not fix the root failings of our culture. Jevons paradox is still relevant as we chase ever more efficiencies. I'm a Realtor​/​Broker who has helped thousands of residential and commercial real estate buyers​,​ sellers​,​ and investors with their leases over 50 years. I've studied the genesis and expansions of property ownership​,​ economic growth​,​ and our hierarchical institutions. I find them to be fundamentally flawed. Those parts of our western industrial society do not define our species. There are still thousands of indigenous peoples​,​ from whom we all descend​,​ who are not the cause of our demise. We must stop trying to "develop" them. We must regain a humility that lets us relearn traditional wisdom. There is an alternative way of thinking beyond continuing to seek technological solutions as a fix. Perpetual growth and believing in infinite human ingenuity are taking us in the wrong direction. Let's rethink our entire industrialized culture. Let's see through the well-hidden greenwashing and the bright green lies that define our time.

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