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Nick S
Nick S

Energy Analyst

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I have a background in analytical roles throughout the clean energy space​,​ including energy efficiency​,​ demand response​,​ energy markets​,​ energy management​,​ renewables​,​ and energy storage. I am a Senior Analyst and will work on a freelance basis with companies throughout this space. I am proficient with spreadsheets & databases to query​,​ validate​,​ analyze​,​ and report data. I have done a lot of research​,​ created presentations​,​ and written reports about various topics in clean energy​,​ ranging from distributed energy resources (DERs) to community choice aggregations (CCAs)​,​ and smart building technologies. I have also been involved with improving systems & processes to be more efficient​,​ if not automated. Through my graduate program in Engineering Management​,​ I concentrated in Energy Systems and also took courses in Project Management​,​ Lean Six Sigma​,​ Decision & Risk Analysis​,​ Systems Integration​,​ and Capital Cost Estimating.

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  • Energy Ratings
  • Energy Star
  • Green Building
  • Remote Only


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