Energy Analyst- Public Policy, Market Trends, and Technology
Matt C
Matt C

Energy Analyst- Public Policy​,​ Market Trends​,​ and Technology

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I am an energy and policy professional located in Orlando​,​ FL (by way of Washington​,​ DC). I have over a decade of experience working in energy technology​,​ federal energy policy​,​ and other related fields. My educational background includes a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia​,​ graduating with high honors and a focus on both Civil Engineering and Science & Technology Policy. I have since held a number of positions in the energy technology and energy policy fields​,​ focusing mainly as a consultant contracting with the Department of Energy (DOE). I have worked with a number of Offices and Laboratories in DOE​,​ including the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE)​,​ the Energy Information Administration (EIA)​,​ the Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO)​,​ and more. Among the varied array of projects I’ve been a part of at DOE are supporting the public rulemaking process for EERE’s Appliance and Equipment Standards Program (contributing to areas including the engineering analyses​,​ market analyses​,​ and government and technical writing)​,​ providing quality control and fact check reviews for public facing documents and reports​,​ and assisting with the project management of updating the cyber security requirements for DOE employees and contractors. I’ve also had the opportunity to work at a D.C.-based non-profit for energy policy issues to research and analyze green building technologies and initiatives. Through my firm I provide research​,​ conduct analysis​,​ and write on all topics across the industries of energy efficiency​,​ renewable energy​,​ sustainability​,​ federal energy​/​climate change policy​,​ and more. I am a full-time consultant and subject-matter expert in the world of energy and utilities. As I develop the work I've done for clients​,​ some new skillsets I've developed that I can offer you include: - Podcast creation​,​ writing​,​ production​,​ editing​,​ and publication - Community management to build an audience for and engagement in online communities - Educational tool creation​,​ including presentations​,​ reading syllabuses​,​ quizzes​/​tests​,​ and more - Grant writing​,​ grant research​,​ and responding to RFPs as they relate to the field of energy (particularly with government grants) For any of the above​,​ upon your inquiry​,​ I'd be happy to send samples and examples of my work​,​ as well as references!

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  • Climate Resilience and Adaptation
  • ESG
  • Energy Modeling
  • Energy Ratings
  • Energy Star
  • Green Building
  • GreenBiz
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