Climate & Energy strategist

Climate & Energy strategist

Expert profile

🌍 Climate strategist and environmentalist with a scientific background​,​ specializing in climate and energy transition policies​,​ GHG assessment​,​ and data-driven climate actions. βœ… Served as an observer at the UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP)​,​ actively contributing to the incorporation of energy transition points into final decisions. βœ… Accomplished public speaker​,​ having participated in over 2000 interviews​,​ including international media​,​ and delivered a TED talk on the correlation between COVID-19​,​ the climate crisis​,​ and green recovery. βœ… Pioneered the development of the first plan for a zero carbon economy at the state level in response to the COVID-19 crisis​,​ exerting a significant impact on climate policy within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). βœ… Formulated innovative strategies for environmentally sustainable urban planning and effectively mitigating air pollution from transportation systems in various regions. βœ… Devised a comprehensive methodology for carbon footprint accounting specifically tailored to the IT sector and startups​,​ following the GHG protocol. βœ… Utilized advanced GIS and remote sensing tools for environmental monitoring​,​ energy planning​,​ and risk analysis​,​ facilitating informed decision-making processes

Certifications & Expertise

  • ESG
  • Energy Modeling
  • Energy Ratings
  • Geographic Information Systems Professional (GIS/GISP)
  • Project Management (PM/PMP)
  • Remote Only
  • Speaking Engagement(s) or Training Session(s)
  • Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Reporting (SASB)
  • Sustainability Excellence Analyst/Professional (SEA/SEP)
  • Sustainability Software Analysis


  • Nonprofit


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