How do we create an installment plan or create periodic payments?

Presently, you can establish a multiple payment project by creating multiple bookings. For example, through communications and/or negotiations the Seeker and Provider can agree on “phases” of a project predicated by results and deadlines. Each of which becomes a booking with beginning and end dates. When schedules change you have the ability to move dates around. The system is predicated on each payment due at the completion of each booking end date unless otherwise changed.

How can I use Incognito Mode?

If you are a Provider who chooses to be undiscoverable from searches by Seekers from certain organizations, type variations of that organization’s name into this window.

How can I search for remote-only Providers?

If locality is not imperative, seekers should type “United States” in the initial search bar then choose more filters to find nationwide expertise.

Why can’t I send a Provider a message or inquiry?

Once you have completed both your user profile and your configuration on the Stripe Payment Processing Platform you are free to communicate, negotiate and share critical documents, such as contracts with Providers.

Why isn’t my Provider profile (listing) live?

Check to make sure you have completed each section, as well as verifying your payout preferences which interface with the Stripe Payment Processing Platform. When both your user profile and your Provider profile are complete is your listing eligible for review to go live.

As a Provider, why must I connect payout preferences to complete my Provider Profile?

Providers must integrate their Payout Preferences as a prerequisite to list services because the verification of your identity validates and legitimates marketplace participants and intent for all Customers, who you rely on as a professional service provider. We also adopt this practice because it is KYC-compliant(Know Your Customer)FootForward employs Stripe Connect Onboarding as a partner on the Stripe Payment Processing Platform FootForward employs Stripe Connect Onboarding as a partner on the Stripe Payment Processing Platform for your own security, privacy and protection. FootForward does not capture or store your banking information.