Energy & Sustainability Technical Strategist

Energy & Sustainability Technical Strategist

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I am a GRI-certified sustainability expert with a diverse background in energy engineering​,​ environmental management​,​ and social impact. I have completed graduate-level training in the SDGs from the United Nations’ University for Peace​,​ and I am skilled in the development and implementation of sustainability strategies. With my strong technical analysis capabilities and engineering experience​,​ I can help your organization to tackle complex issues in clean energy​,​ energy efficiency​,​ carbon and particulate emissions​,​ circular economy​,​ and environmental and social impact assessment. My past consulting projects have honed my expertise in managing technical research and engaging in strategic planning with cross-functional stakeholders. I have worked in both the public and private sectors​,​ including supervision of teams for clean energy deployment in the Global South. My services include support in developing ESG reports​,​ aligning your organization’s operations with the targets of the SDGs​,​ developing science-based targets in accordance with SBTi​,​ road-mapping and strategic planning for sustainability initiatives​,​ understanding and improving energy efficiency​,​ reducing carbon emissions​,​ creating clean energy plans​,​ and conducting data analysis and predictive studies to understand both your current impact and how it may be altered by different types of sustainability decisions. In providing these services​,​ I will also bring awareness of the political​,​ social​,​ and cultural contexts that apply to your organization and its stakeholders. I can help your team to understand how new initiatives can improve your bottom line​,​ bolster consumer trust​,​ and build your long-term relationships with the community and our ecosystems. My past clients have spanned from large international corporations​,​ to small businesses​,​ to public agencies such as the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Trade and Development Agency. Thus​,​ I understand how to tailor my services to the needs of different types of organizations​,​ and I can deliver solutions both big and small. I look forward to helping you reach your sustainability goals. ---Services--- Technical Support Identify inefficiencies in your organization’s energy usage via technical analysis. Develop clean energy implementation plans for your organization​,​ including hybrid renewable energy and off-grid mini-grids. Develop energy models​,​ including simulation and optimization of energy systems. Develop plans for collection of the data required for rigorous impact assessments and decision-making. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Evaluate the energy and carbon footprints of your organization​,​ including consumption upstream and downstream of production​/​service provision. Provide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories for Scope 1​,​ 2​,​ and 3 emissions​,​ in reference to GHG Protocol and ISO 14064. Identify the most material environmental and social impacts of your organization​,​ for the purpose of producing sustainability reports and setting priorities for development of mitigation plans. Benchmark your sustainability performance against the averages in your industry and the published best practices. Evaluate your organization’s ESG risk . Provide environmental justice auditing. Standardized Reporting Help your organization to understand the most recent standards set by GRI and develop strategic plans to meet them. Support your organization to collect and analyze sustainability data for reporting. Develop a sustainability report​,​ in accordance with or in reference to the GRI Standards. Decision-Making​,​ Planning​,​ and Strategy Recommend strategies to reduce your organization’s energy consumption and emissions along the entire value chain. Develop plans to maximize the resource and material efficiency of your organization’s operations. Quantify the impact (in terms of cost​,​ energy​,​ and emissions) of potential sustainability actions or mitigation plans​,​ in order to support prioritization and decision-making processes. Develop science-based sustainability targets in accordance with SBTi guidelines. Provide waste reduction strategies for your organization’s operations​,​ in reference to the TRUE standards. Visualizations​,​ Communication​,​ and Training Create technical reports and other communication materials related to your organization’s environmental impact and mitigation plans​,​ using terms that are meaningful to different types of stakeholders (e.g.​,​ customers​,​ investors​,​ business partners). Help you​,​ your team​,​ and your stakeholders to visualize your impact through data visualization and dashboard development. Provide quality control and technical fact-checking for public-facing documents​,​ proposals​,​ and applications. Provide training on energy consumption & efficiency​,​ sustainable practices​,​ social responsibility​,​ and community engagement. *Service offerings are not limited to those listed above. Please inquire.

Certifications & Expertise

  • Climate Resilience and Adaptation
  • ESG
  • Energy Modeling
  • GRI Reporting
  • Graduate Level Environmental Studies
  • Green Building
  • Remote Only
  • Renewables (solar, wind, hydro, biofuels…)
  • Speaking Engagement(s) or Training Session(s)
  • Sustainability Software Analysis
  • TRUE Ratings


  • Business
  • Government
  • Nonprofit


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